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G.A.’s heart and head
are firmly rooted in Italy.

G.A. has always been proud of its Italian identity.

Global markets appreciate it. And always have.


G.A. is strategically linked to the mechanical district of Modena which has an international reputation for the outstanding quality of its mechanical processes and designs.


The global market is turning to top quality Italian mechanics more and more and in particular to the mechanical expertise offered by the great tradition of mechanics in Modena.


G.A. has always invested in research and innovation and its focus on young people gives it the dynamism it needs to grow and develop new winning ideas.


G.A. has designed and built one of the most technologically advanced warehouses in Europe, enabling it to respond to its clients’ needs in record time. Wherever they are.


High quality customer care, backed up by an extremely flexible production organisation and a highly automated logistics structure are the reasons for the international success of G.A.


G.A. is present throughout the world. And the world approves.



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