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Innovation, efficiency, energy savings
and eco-sustainability.

"Environmental protection

can no longer be ignored:

what could be interpreted with good reason

as an extra added value,

is also a basic aspect

of development and growth”.

Simone Pettinari (Managing Director)


The decision to invest continuously in research, innovation and environmental protection has culminated in the design and construction of the new company headquarters: maximum reduction in the impact on the environment, maximum energy savings and maximum potential for technological development, thanks to the very latest generation equipment and machinery.


G.A. believes that synergy between business and the environment is essential to promote corporate growth and boost the company’s overall quality.




G.A. Green Philosophy

At a first glance the new G.A. operational headquarters appears to be an innovative building, of the same high standard as many others.

A closer look reveals how it has been designed for the future and to protect the environment.


Innovation, efficiency, energy savings and eco-sustainability all feature in these premises whose total area is 20,000 m², of which 11,000 m² are covered. The facility is run entirely by a building management system and its photovoltaic system and geothermal plant allow it to use an energy source which is unlimited, available at all times and, most important of all, renewable.

Photovoltaic system.
74 tons of CO2 saved every year.

The photovoltaic system installed has a nominal power output of 200 kW-h. It consists of 882 polycrystalline silicon modules, each with a nominal power output of 225 Wp, which are divided into 63 rows with 14 modules in each row.

Annual savings have been estimated at 74 tons of CO2 and 31.96 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent).


Geothermal system.

Considerable reduction in CO2 emissions


G.A. was one of the first companies in Emilia Romagna to install an open-loop geothermal system to heat and cool its offices. It took around six months to produce and saw the collaboration of the Geology Department of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who carried out the hydrogeology analysis of the subsoil.


The first of its kind in the Modena area and with minimal environmental impact, the open-loop geothermal system is different from the more well-known and widely used systems with vertical geothermal probes, in that it is equipped with two water/water heat pumps which both heat and cool the rooms.

Water is taken directly from a source about 50 metres below ground where it has a constant average temperature and is conveyed through the exchanger in each pump which removes the heat or the cold, depending on the season, keeping the thermal gradient to a minimum.

The water does not undergo any chemical process as it goes through the exchanger, is returned to the groundwater by a return well and is made available for public use once again without any waste and, most important of all, without any change in its state.


This system, which will use approximately 20 thousand cubic metres of water a year on average, is designed to cool the rooms in the summer and heat them in the winter.

The optimal constant heat exchange guaranteed by the system during the year will allow the company to cut CO2 emissions considerably in the medium-long term, resulting in energy and financial savings.  

G.A. is also committed to applying energy saving techniques to the huge warehouse area, so this department can also benefit from the best heating conditions and this has led to the company installing an underfloor heating system with approximately 44 km of pipes laid over 8,000 square metres.

The temperature is controlled by pipes with high mechanical strength and thermal resistance which are sunk into the flooring and a warm fluid runs through them at low temperature. The main advantage of this system is that there is minimal heat loss and constant heating over the whole surface.

Greater comfort for all our staff, irrespective of where they work.



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