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Ask everything, now.

The client must never be kept waiting”.

Valeria Basile (CEO)


The real jewel in the crown of the new G.A. headquarters is the warehouse.

It is highly automated and equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies for receiving, stocking and shipping goods.


Its storage and retrieval system, the real heart of the warehouse, can store 10,152 drawers with an overall capacity of more than 3 million kilos of material.

It consists of a futuristic rack with miniload storage and retrieval systems which convey Light Bi-Bloc shelved trays, with two bracing towers at the ends.

The whole system is extremely compact, only 11 metres high and 75 metres long.


The system can manage more than 350,000 products in stock and handle more than 1 million items a week with its non-stop 24-hour a day cycle.


New e-commerce non-stop 24/7


The new technologically upgraded E-Commerce system allows clients to access a reserved area where they can:


•  Obtain automatic quotations in real time

•  Carry out advanced searches of past quotations

•  Make enquiries to the GA operator in real time

•  Place orders

•  Consult the range of products

   they usually order

•  Find out the status of their orders and deliveries

•  Find out the status of goods being prepared

   for shipment

•  Find out the status of dispatched goods

•  Download issued documents (invoices;

   shipping documents; packing lists).


The new e-commerce system allows for a more streamlined organisation which saves time and makes waiting a thing of the past. It also perfectly integrates the automated warehouse into a single company process, providing the client with top-class service.


More than 8 million items in our catalogue.

Over 1 million items can be shipped in a week.

From your order to delivery in record time.

And your business is back in business.




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